Sex not Porn

"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers"

ricardo scipio

The Intimacy Project

Intimacy is the scariest thing on earth…

The only thing more frightening than seeing oneself clearly is allowing another to see you clearly. Clearly, truly deeply.

Intimacy is the willingness and ability to open oneself up to another and to receive the openness of another.

Ricardo Scipio spent the past seven years of his life photographing people of all different shapes and sizes and ages and colours and gender identities, having sex and masturbating.

The journey- often revelatory and life-affirming and sometimes traumatic, of creating those four books opened his eyes and heart and mind, and many the models changed and grew in ways both profound and unexpected.

The one true takeaway for Scipio was the realization that the best photos were the ones with the most amount of vulnerability, love and connection and this is the inspiration for his new project, The Intimacy Project.

In this time of fear and loathing and social distancing, Scipio believes intimacy is what the world needs to see and experience the most.

The Intimacy Project Book One is currently being photographed and couples, trios and singles who are capable of deep connection and naked honesty are invited to apply.

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Ricardo Scipio’s Sex Projects are not available to the general public- only to collectors and supporters.

One way of becoming a collector or supporter is by meeting with him and viewing the work online or in real life. Click below to find out how to make a booking.

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