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"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers"

ricardo scipio

The Love Drops NFTs

Photography in the internet age presents many problems and some opportunities. Photography has since its inception been the poor step-child of-the-art world, frowned upon because of its lack of rarity, and its widespread use amongst the public. Paintings routinely sell for many millions of dollars whereas the most valuable photographs may sell for $100,000 or less. For buyers there is the dilemma of not knowing how many other copies of a photo may be out there or even who the original creator of the image might be. The age of smartphones and Instagram have only exacerbated these issues.

NFTs present one of the rare opportunities for photographers in the past thirty years to reclaim the value of and protect the provenance of their work. NFTs through using blockchain technology provide a tamper-proof, permanent record of the creation, ownership and history of a digital asset in perpetuality.

The Love Drop Smart NFT’s are created and sold using proof-of-stake technology for a minimal carbon footprint.

Starting on the 27th of April and continuing every Tuesday for ten weeks, we will be doing our first series of NFT drops. Each NFT in the Love Drops series will be a limited edition of 10.

The Love Drop NFTs are non-explicit celebrations of joy and intimacy.

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