Sex not Porn

"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers"

ricardo scipio

The Sex Goddess Project

In November 2020, Ricardo Scipio completed his most profound and controversial work to date, his Sex Goddess Project Books.

Scipio says. “If sexual images were like food, what most people have been inundated with is junk food. I wanted to create something more nutritious, satisfying and healthy.”

In the project, Scipio presents the viewer with rich, unscripted images of empowered women and trans persons in intimate acts of unbounded, unapologetic sexuality.

Scipio’s lens intimately and unobtrusively bares witness, and conjures a style that is both natural and non-choreographed. His intention, to discredit slut-shaming and body-shaming and place sexual power firmly in the hands of the people he photographs, is an unequivocal rebuke of the porn industry.

The common thread running through the work is a visceral, ringing joy. It is irrepressible and life-affirming.

In a photoshopped, image obsessed era, where intimacy has been traded for aloof, vacuous, cynical commercialised sex, this photographic artist pushes a message of the vital importance of authentic depictions of sexuality, attempting to re-engage a disengaged audience that has been saturated with artificial and unrealistic imagery.

The books are signed and numbered limited editions of 300. They are printed one at a time on photography paper not book paper and printed with museum quality archival ink that won’t fade for 200 years.

To see and/or purchase the work book an online or in-person meeting with the artist below.

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Ricardo Scipio’s Sex Projects are not available to the general public- only to collectors and supporters.

One way of becoming a collector or supporter is by meeting with him and viewing the work online or in real life. Click below to find out how to make a booking.

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