I sit here, basking in post-shoot afterglow, all limber and still. I found myself in this shoot. Rediscovered. Reaffirmed. What an amazing journey! What began as a romp to fulfill my exhibitionist nature, instead took me inwards to the very centre of my being. After a while, I stopped playing for the camera and began to play for myself.

It’s amazing, to allow my own vulnerability to surface, to engage with it, make friends with it, and share it with whomever is willing to listen and feel and see. I hope that people can see that love, and sorrow, and joy, and ecstasy and sensation and pain are all just sides of the same coin. In a very real sense, I was taking care of myself during this shoot; this was something for ME- not just the photos, but more importantly this experience. I discovered again that I am so very worthy of being loved. And touched. And seen.