I’ve had another opportunity to spend quality time with Ricardo and his camera. He continues to ease my apprehension to participate in his art, continues to appreciate the beauty we each have, continues to show me my own inner and external beauty. Ricardo’s genuine interest in my comfort makes working with him that much easier…tho what he required of me was far from work.
Ricardo introduced me to an amazing woman who’s intelligent, caring, passionate about her life, passionate in helping create art. She made me feel at ease and desirable and helped put any of my misgivings to rest. Ricardo was patient while my new friend and I found our common ground and enhanced an attraction to each other, so that when we began to touch there was warmth, caring….. passion in our eyes, fingertips, hearts.
I enjoyed an afternoon of “firsts” for me, and I believe a few “firsts” for my partner, that culminated in a new friendship and a deeper appreciation of Ricardo’s vision.
I feel blessed to have participated in Ricardo’s art and impatient to see the final product.