Sex not Porn

"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers"

ricardo scipio 


Basking in the Post Shoot Afterglow

I sit here, basking in post-shoot afterglow, all limber and still. I found myself in this shoot. Rediscovered. Reaffirmed. What an amazing journey! What began as a romp to fulfill my exhibitionist nature, instead took me inwards to the very centre of my being. After a...

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Sunday Afternoon Fun

I’ve had another opportunity to spend quality time with Ricardo and his camera. He continues to ease my apprehension to participate in his art, continues to appreciate the beauty we each have, continues to show me my own inner and external beauty. Ricardo’s genuine...

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Her Neeed Consumed Her

Her need consumed HerHer greed took control She was oh so hungryShe was selfishShe was hypnotized by the sensations.She devoured every tantalizing thrust and pull She took it All so She could release the powerShe released the rawnessShe released the Female hiding in...

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The Inner Revealing

It’s not the nakedness I resistIt’s the inner revealingI’ve been naked before.Naked the day I was bornNaked as a child dancing in the rainNaked as a young lover dancing in the fieldHalf naked in photographsNaked in passionate embracesNaked is easier thanRevealing your...

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Today was All About Me

Today's shoot was all about me. Every other shoot, I was with others and it was about us. Today I am completely in love with me, with my body, my sensations, my feelings. Today I celebrated my corporeal existence, my happy place in this body, the fullest expression of...

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Photography and Trust

Photography and Trust Art is the only man-made thing I trust. To me photography isn’t just a creative mode of expression it’s also spiritual, social and intimate. When I was a shy, awkward 14-year-old immigrant- an often bullied outsider, having a camera in my hand...

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