Dear Ricardo,

I am not new to feeling awe for your work and an eye for the perfect instance of bliss in the most extraordinary way.

These sample photographs are not different. You have captured the glimpse of those fleeting moments of connection when someone is united with the essence of love and joy within themselves.

I keep looking at the pictures and find myself moved by the stillness in the motion of the universe.

When a person looks deep in another’s eyes and finds herself looking back at herself, when someone is pleasing themselves and free to claim their right of pleasure.

When the decades of knowing a body is not something new to explore but a new desire to celebrate the person who is here as a body of love.

When one gloriously takes a stand for their pleasure through someone else’s hands, mouth and body, fearlessly giving, taking, exchanging and creating.

There is only a fraction of the work you do that I have seen and it has already left a mark on me for a long time.