“Intimacy means mutual vulnerability, openness, and sharing. …. a profound connection with oneself and/or another where all boundaries, all concepts, all thoughts, disappear. It is the pure experience of Love.

It should be (but is not always) present in close, loving relationships such as lovers, marriages and friendships. It may be possible between strangers but I think those people would have to be “enlightened” because intimacy (vulnerability, openness, and sharing) requires trust. Trust requires respect. Respect requires time. Time spent with another is one of the basic requirements of Intimacy, as are awareness, emptiness and loving kindness. Intimacy requires intent, and the motivation to practice unconditional love.

Intimacy can euphemistically refer to sexual interactions, but intimacy does not have to be sexual. Sex is easy, sex can fake intimacy, or even be used to avoid it. Most people simply fuck each other, like mutual masturbation. There can be a lack of commitment, respect and love from one or both partners, a deep misunderstanding and ignorance based on fear and desire. We may find a kind of intimacy through orgasm, but it is not long lasting, or mutually shared. Sex is easy, intimacy is not.

Having said that, it may be easier to find intimacy with another person, than with ourselves. Most of us have difficulty with self love, and seem to be able to accept the flaws in others, but we are very self loathing. It’s easier to love another, than it is to love ourselves. If someone finds us lovable, it’s proof of our worthiness. Or if we love someone enough, we think, maybe they will love us back just as much and we might find that profound connection. In that case, we may have access to true intimacy, but that often takes hard earned, mutual trust and respect.

Most of us are unable to love fully and openly. We long for deep connection with another, but have no idea how. There’s always that inner voice that says we’re not good enough to love, no one can ever love us, and we question the sincerity of others. Of course intimacy starts with self love; vulnerability, openness and sharing of ourselves with ourself…..until we love ourselves, intimacy with another may be impossible.

Intimacy cannot be faked, nor can it be replaced. Intimacy is the Happiness of finding our Place in the heart, mind and soul of another. They are Witness to our Divine Nature as we are theirs. Intimacy is a Sanctuary for our Spirit, a Refuge from pain, finding Home in someone’s arms, gazing upon The Infinite in their eyes, tasting Divine Nectar from another’s lips, the meeting of Mind, Body and Souls. The experience of Oneness, of Wholeness, of Complete Peace and Unity. Ultimate Interconnectedness.

Falling into Love. Heart wide open.

Nothing else matters. It is the Meaning of Life.

I have experienced some moments of intimacy, with my children and, to some degree, with a few lovers or friends……a few precious moments of boundless Love with another person……but I have found the deepest intimacy with myself, through analysis, contemplation, and just spending time with myself. I have made love to myself in front of a mirror many times, just to enjoy the miraculous beauty that is my body. I listen to my beautiful sex sounds and fall in love with me again and again. I close my eyes and feel the impossible softness of my own skin. Maybe none of my lovers have looked, listened or touched me in that open, kind, relaxed and heartfelt way…….maybe I’m the only one who has ever really adored me!

I only hope that I give that kind of intimacy and love to others too.

Thank you for everything, if not for your project, I might never have found True Love.
You helped me love me! “
– Angel