Fear of nudity. Fear of nudity is a fear of vulnerability, a fear of letting go, not being in control, not having armor and a shield to protect you. It’s a fear of being stripped down to your basic core, to be revealed and seen, to be how you came into this world- which of course was an utterly vulnerable state. It’s a fear of the vulnerability that comes with the risk of being ridiculed, mocked, evaluated, judged, compared, the risk of disapproval, the risk of being exiled like Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden.

The only response to and antidote for fear is love. Even the bible says “Real Love casteth out all fear”. Those who truly love vulnerability- which is the only door to intimacy and openness, do not fear nudity. Those who love art and recognize that art is one of our few refuges from the ugliness and hate in this world, have nothing to fear from nudity. Those who love nature, intrinsically know that fearing a nude human body is as silly as fearing a nude tree or a nude tree frog. Those who love their body ought to know that potential insults or condemnation from real or imagined critics of nudity can no more diminish your love of your own body than could insults intrude on the love between a mother and her child.

Love your body, love nature, love art, be in love with nudity.