I received my SGP Book today, long awaited I must say, or perhaps it was just my anxiousness to see what was in the pages. My first reaction was raw and visceral and tears poured from my eyes. The tears came from a place deep inside my soul that I did not know existed. The tears were from recognizing the physical , the ephemeral essence of being human.

The first thing I noticed, after I had looked at how Ricardo portrayed me of course, was how everyone in the book had one thing in common. Everyone has the same needs, same desires. Everyone was enjoying sex, enjoying touching, caressing, laughing, grimacing, growling, moaning ,all culminating in feeling the ultimate of being human.

Ricardo expresses and shares his own humanness by capturing humanity at its most vulnerable with the lens of his camera. His ability to bring out the best of humans at their “ worst” is remarkable.

This book has definitely empowered me to be safe and secure in the knowledge that nothing is out of my reach if I am fearless and brave.

For those hesitant to take part in any future projects Ricardo has-
Be Fearless and Be Brave
Thank you Ricardo!